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Great news!!!
Announcement 1
HKTIC has received over 700 applications up to now.
Announcement 2
In view of diversified interpretation of the phrase “other equivalent qualification and experience” particularly status of HOKLAS approved signatory, HKTIC is glad to announce that the Certification Criteria have been amended to define clearly the requirements of HOKLAS approved signatory in exemption of examination as follows:
HOKLAS signatory with not less than 8 years of relevant experience and the scope of signatory approval covering the major measurement techniques or methods as stipulated in as stipulated in this Certification Handbook for the sub-category the certification is being sought.
Pease refer to respective Certification Handbook for details. Candidates are reminded that the application fee is till waived from now on up to 30 June 2012.
Announcement 3
Seminar addressing details of examination syllabus and sample questions will be organized in February. Tentative dates are11 and 25 February 2012.

Announcement 4
Preparatory courses for examination of the following disciplines will be organized and commenced in February onwards: