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Certified testing personnel, candidate or any person may lodge a complaint in writing giving reasons and description of the causes for grievance against:

  • the certification Scheme procedure;
  • the Authorized Qualifying Body responsible for organizing examinations;
  • an approved training provider or certified trainer; or
  • a Certification Scheme certificate holder

The Certification Board is responsible for investigating and examining such complaints. Chair of the Certification Board shall notify the complainant concerned the outcome of such investigation within two months from receipt of the complaint.

Certified testing personnel or candidate may lodge an appeal against any decision made or action taken by the Certification Board. Such decisions include examination and professional assessment results, suspension or termination. A written Appeal Form setting out the grounds of such appeal shall be submitted to the Programme Officer within 10 working days after such decision or action has been made or taken.

Upon request for an appeal, and subject to agreement of the payment of expenses as stated in the PCSTP06 “Schedule of Fees”, an Appeal Board will be convened to investigate the matters set out in the written submission. No member of the Board shall have a direct interest in the subject of the appeal, in any form. The Appeal Board may interview any person involved in the matter, such as the Programme Officer, professional interviewers, or the staff of organization the appellants belonged to.

The Appeal Board after reviewing all the information relating to the case of appeal will decide if the appeal is justified and such decision will be final and conclusive. The decision will be passed onto the Certification Board for follow-up via the Programme Officer.

  • Form for appeal – PCSTP Form03 
  • Members of Appeal Board for the period July 2011 to July 2013 
Chairman:  Mr Y C Tsim (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Members:  Mr Chapman Chan (CMA Industrial Development Foundation Ltd)
Mr Long Wai Kwok (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin))

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