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Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Limited (HKTIC) welcomes competent professionals of various disciplines to act as examiners for conducting HKTIC professional assessment and setting examination papers. All professionals working in Hong Kong, irrespective of their full time employment are welcome. This is a worthwhile community service contributing to improving the standard of local laboratories and thereby improving the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong SAR. Training will be provided by the Certification Body to ensure consistent performance of the Examiners.

Details and Application Method:

Please see this document.

Enquiry: Ms Loretta Cheng
  Telephone: 31161376
Fax     : 3116 1371
e-mail: info@hktic.org

Becoming an examiner

Examiners including Professional Interviewers may be drawn from the ranks of commercial testing laboratories, government establishments, academic institutions, research associations, professional associations and related consultant firms. They are selected on the basis of their professional knowledge, expertise and their ability to investigate and evaluate a testing personnel’s competence.

Examiners including professional interviewers are expected to have, as a minimum,

Academic and experience requirements
  i.  Academic requirements

a Bachelor degree in relevant discipline; or
a certified testing professional

  ii.  Experience requirements
15 years of experience; or
5 years of academic experience and 5 years of relevant industrial experience or 5 years of relevant
assessment experience.
b. Any other qualifications and experience as deemed equivalent.

Those who have interest in joining the cadre of examiners can download the potential information sheet
here  .

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