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The Continuing Professional Development programme supports the ongoing educational and professional development of individuals who have attained the certification. The purpose of the CPD program is to:

  • enhance ongoing professional development;
  • encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities;
  • maintain the value and recognition of your certification; and
  • provide a vehicle for attaining and recording professional development activities.

In order to satisfy the CPD programme and maintain an active certification status, candidate must accrue and report a minimum of 30 and 60 Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs) during each three-year certification cycle for Certified Testing Technician and Certified Testing Professional respectively. The expiry date of validity is shown on the certificate.

Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU)

The Continuing Professional Development Units (PDUs) is the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. Typically, one CPDU is earned for every one hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or activity. There is a range of opportunities available to candidates to acquire CPDUs through training/education programmes and professional activities covering seminar, industrial discussion group, symposium, training course, etc.

  • Guidelines for counting PDUs 
  • Form for recording of PDUs
  • Application for re-certification   PCSTP Form01

  • CPDU’s granted courses and seminars-May 2013

  • CPDU Frequently Ask Questions-May 2013

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